coagulantes y floculantes cosmética

Flocculants and coagulants in the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries

Wastewater Treatment in the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries

The most noteworthy pollutant in wastewater in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries is its high organic load, resulting in high chemical oxygen demand (COD). These waters also contain high suspended solids, fats and oils, and detergents. To treat this water, selecting optimal coagulants and flocculants is crucial to comply with discharge regulations.

Our technical-commercial department will help you to select the most suitable treatment (most efficient technical and economical solution) based on our experience and treatability studies in our application laboratory, as well as on the implementation of these treatments on an industrial scale.

Our experience in the pharmaceutical sector means we are aware of the added difficulty presented by effluents from the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. It is complex wastewater that requires made-to-measure physiochemical and biological treatments based on the choice of coagulant, flocculant or biological solution suitable for every kind of wastewater typical of industrial processes in the sector.

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