floculantes y coagulantes para industria química


These three concepts come to life in Dosage’s R&D+i laboratories in addition, we collaborate with several technology centres to meet our customers’ needs, to create innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient products.


We undertake original research to gain new knowledge and a deeper understanding of the scientific and technological field.


We apply our research and scientific knowledge to manufacture new materials and products and design new production processes and systems to make substantial technological improvements to pre-existing materials, products, processes and procedures.

Technological innovation

We invest in technological innovation to devise new products and production processes and improve existing ones. Products and processes whose characteristics and applications differ substantially from those existing from a technical perspective are considered new.

“DOSAGE, S.L. has received grants from the European Regional Development Fund, the purpose of which are to support research, technological development and innovation. This has led to the development of new personalised, sustainable flocculants for its customers to support the creation and establishment of innovative companies. To do this, it has received support from the InnoCamas 2017 Programme of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce.”

“DOSAGE S.L. has received support from the European Regional Development Fund, which aims to improve the use and quality of information and communications technologies and access to them. This has given access to an email marketing, web analytics and SEO positioning solution for products on its website to boost the company’s competitiveness and productivity. In addition, the company received assistance from the TICCámaras 2019 programme of the Alicante Chamber of Commerce.”

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