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Defoamers for water treatment

Defoamers for wastewater and treatment plants

DOSAGE manufactures and markets an extensive range of defoamers of different chemical natures: silicone-based defoamers, plant-based biodegradable defoamers, and polymeric mineral-oil-based defoamers.
These defoamers are suitable for use in both wastewater and the food industry. Defoamers can be applied using a range of water treatment equipment (homogenisation, decanters, floats, centrifuges, biological reactors…) and production lines. Our defoamers have high antifoaming/defoaming coefficients.

Our technical-commercial department will advise you on selecting the most suitable defoamer (the most efficient technical and economical solution) based on our experience and treatability studies and on how to apply these defoamers at an industrial scale.

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